Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Garden Seminar 9/6/07

This was a wonderful event, and the best send off I could want! Thanks to Jenn Hill for the pictures, and thanks to all of you for doing such great work.

Long live the veggie garden!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday update

Phil, who had the original vision to build a demonstration vegetable garden that would be both attractive and productive, doing a little last minute cultivation before the neighborhood get-together. Wish us good weather!

Finally, a photo of Mel! a lifesaver for this garden, among many gardens!

Make that two photos of Mel :)

Hi Helen! You should get double time for this job!

I missed getting Sharron in the camera lens this time but she donated her weed- wacker to the cause today, as well as some herbs to fill in the gaps.
Sharron has the nicest comments to hear while gardening, like pointing out to us "how many shades of green there are" that make the garden beautiful. The eye of the artist, that.
By the way, the weed-wacker wasn't needed as the Land Bank (I think) came by recently and trimmed the grass paths and the rest of the lot. (Thanks!)
I must say, the trimmed grass really sets off the shapes of the beds.