Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dill and the long winter's rest

Gardeners have the habit of winter dreaming about next year - it looks like some good progress is in the works for the Applewood Gardening Initiative. Genesee County is greening up and beautifying! Stay Tuned...

A gift from the garden.

Dill is the herb that Scandinavian mothers use (in a tisane) to lull their babies to sleep. Completely safe, the seeds and foliage are both useful.
We harvested some great dill plants at the fall garden cleanup. I didn't think they would produce, we planted them so late! We didn't harvest seed, but the plants grown in that beautiful compost were wonderful.

I brought the plants home, dried the leaves in my handy dehydrator, and filled three spice-sized jarfuls for our gardeners. A jar of dillweed in the market runs about $3.50 these days. We got a good return on a few plants!

I learned something else from our garden this year (I grew up in town and didn't learn gardening at my mother's knee like so many folks) - I learned to just keep planting, dill at least... it's never too late!
And keep planting the love of gardening and the skills to garden successfully, it's never too late for that either.

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